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Will Quaker Oats lose Moms as their biggest supporters?


93% of Moms

Moms across the nation are fed up not knowing if the food they feed their families contains GMOs or not. All for the simple fact that big food companies, like Quaker Oats, DO NOT LABEL it. The more transparent a company is with their practices, the more consumers, like you and me, will trust them. Will Quaker Oats lose Moms as their biggest supporters? because of their practices.

As a mother, I want to know what my food contains that I feed to my family. I want to know that I’m feeding my kids a healthy, wholesome meal. I can’t do that if it’s not properly labeled.

I am not alone in wanting my food labeled that it contains GMOs.

93% of MOMs support mandatory labeling of GMOs.

Are you one of these moms? If you are than have your voice heard and Sign the Petition asking Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs!

Did you know that big food companies, like Quaker Oats and their parent company PepsiCo fund millions in lobbying campaigns to deny the consumers the right to know about GMOs and to stop mandatory labeling of GMOs. They are not alone. Other big food and biotechnology companies spent $63 million in 2014 alone, against GMO labeling. Why , what do they not want us to know?

These companies already label GMO products overseas, why not here at home in the USA? Give us the option of knowing whether to feed our children foods produced with GMOs.

8 in 10 MOMS

80% of moms want Quaker to stop funding anti-GMO labeling efforts. 

Why are they willing to lose the trust of MOMs? Everyday across the nation, Moms give their child a Quaker chewy granola bar. All we want is the peace of mind by knowing that our food is labeled as a GMO product.

Join MOMs across the nation in asking Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs, Stop funding anti-mandatory labeling efforts, and stand up against the DARK Act! Sign this petition below!

Click the picture to sign petition

Sign the petition

You can find further information about GMO labeling here and results of the poll conducted here. Poll was conducted by Lake Research Partners.

Disclosure This is a sponsored post. I was compensated as a Justlabelit labeling Advocate.

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2 thoughts on “Will Quaker Oats lose Moms as their biggest supporters?

  1. lina nicolia says:

    NO GMO’S and yeah….LABEL. Since we know you are not using organic/GMO free ingredients….the label will give us justification NOT to buy your stuff. If you refuse to label… is the absolute reality you are hiding the GMO use…….so, either way….you are going to lose….unless you go organic/ GMO free NOW, and not by 2018….know what I mean ?

  2. Tamra Gibson says:

    Wow i never knew this and am shocked. I’m 53 and Quaker Oats hv bn around forever. I cant figure out why ANY company could and wouldn’t provide the info

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