Decadent Twist on the Classic "Box of Chocolates"

A Decadent Twist on the Classic

“Box of Chocolates!”

Decadent Twist on the Classic "Box of Chocolates"

Give a Decadent Twist on the Classic

“Box of Chocolates”

This year, give her a gift she will love. Most men just stop by the local store and grab a classic box of chocolates, filled with flavors that are hard to identify, a card, and maybe some roses too. It’s pretty much the standard gift from husbands and boyfriends everywhere. It is time to do something different, give her a decadent twist on the classic box of chocolates with flavors she knows and loves.

This is brought to you in partnership with Walkers Shortbread, as a member of the Walkers Shortbread Society. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Instead of giving her the same old boring “box of chocolates,” give her a decadent twist on the classic “box of chocolates” with Walkers Shortbread Chocolate cookie varieties. Snacking on Walkers Shortbread brings a certain self-indulgence in a real luxurious treat.

t on the classic Box of Chocolates


Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Cookies featured in the “box of chocolates” include:

  • Chocolate and Raspberry Shortbread,  A new combination of scrumptious raspberry shortbread, half coated with rich dark chocolate.
  • Chocolate and Toffee Shortbread The perfect blend of Walkers Shortbread and delicious chunks of toffee half coated in smooth milk chocolate.
  • Orange Royals Crisp pure butter shortbread baked with Mediterranean oranges and smothered in rich, smooth milk chocolate.
  • Ginger Royals A unique shortbread, combining the moistness of real stem ginger with the crisp Walkers traditional butter shortbread, covered in irresistible dark chocolate.
  • Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread Walkers traditional Scottish shortbread with luscious chunks of dark chocolate

Other Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Varieties include:

Create the “Box of Chocolates”

If you would like to create a twist on the classic box of chocolates for your loved ones you will need the following items:

  • A Decorative Pastry Box (Valentine designed or a regular one, and you create your own designs)
  • Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Cookie varieties
  • Red Tissue Paper (optional)
  • Red Ribbon and Bow
  • Scissors

Twist on the classic box of chocolates


  1. Take your pastry box and line it with the tissue paper.
  2. Place your Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Cookies inside the box stacking in a variety of patterns. Repeat until filled.
  3. Place lid on the “box of chocolates.” Wrap the ribbon around the box and cut it to the proper length needed to tie the ribbon around the box and attach the bow.

Make sure you put a decadent twist on the classic “box of chocolates,” with her favorite Walkers Shortbread chocolate cookies. Believe me, she will appreciate you going the extra mile and the thoughtfulness you put into her gift, over the store-bought classic “box of chocolates.”

You can learn more about Walkers Shortbread or the Walkers Shortbread Society in this post I wrote.

Walkers Shortbread


Will you put a Decadent Twist on the Classic “Box of Chocolates?”

Tell me below in the comments.


Walkers Shortbread

Celebrate National Shortbread Day

with Walkers Shortbread

Did you know that National Shortbread Day is on January 6th? Celebrate National Shortbread Day with Walkers Shortbread. How will you celebrate? Will you indulge in a few fingers, rounds, or petticoat tails?

This is created in partnership with Walkers Shortbread. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Walkers Shortbread

A Girl Rocks Life is pleased to announce we are a member of The Walkers Shortbread Society. Are you wondering what the Walkers Shortbread Society is? The Shortbread Society is an exclusive group of bloggers with a common delicious interest: Walkers Shortbread. As a member of the Shortbread Society, we will learn more about Walkers, their new products and share our feedback with YOU and with Walkers. Expect to see more post’s featuring Walkers Shortbread.

Walkers Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread is a family owned company that started in 1898, in the village of Aberlour, Speyside, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and remains there to this day. By baking in small batches, using the same simple recipe that founder Joseph Walker created, ensures that classic taste for which Walkers are famed. Made with only four ingredients: flour, pure creamery butter, sugar, and salt. Walkers products contain absolutely NO Artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives. Which, as a consumer, I appreciate.

I love shortbread cookies. It’s something about the simplicity of the ingredients that create a uniquely sweet flavor. Every bite of a Walkers Shortbread cookie creates a moment of indulging in a scrumptious treat.

Walkers bakes an extensive selection of pure butter shortbread in a variety of flavors and sizes. My personal favorites are the Shortbread Fingers, Shortbread Rounds, Chocolate Chip Shortbread and a few others. Every pure butter shortbread of Walkers has a perfect, crumbly texture, that melts-in-your-mouth.

  • The Shortbread Fingers are baked in a square and cut into “fingers”.
  • The Shortbread Rounds are traditional shortbread adorned with the Scottish thistle.
  • The Chocolate Chip Shortbread is a timeless delight. Traditional shortbread and luscious chunks of dark chocolate create a certain indulgence in a real treat.

Save on Walkers Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread

Celebrate National Shortbread Day with Walkers Shortbread and you can save. You can get free shipping and a free tin of shortbread with code SBDAY17. Don’t miss out this deal will not last long!

How will you celebrate National Shortbread Day? What is your favorite Walkers Shortbread?

Tell me below in the comments.

Discover a New Holiday Tradition at Frisch's

Discover a New Holiday Tradition at Frisch's

Discover A New Holiday Tradition At Frisch’s

Discover a New Holiday Tradition at Frisch’s Big Boy this year. Recently, I was invited to dinner at Frisch’s and to a performance of the Nutcracker, presented by the Cincinnati Ballet, at the Aronoff Center. Little did I know at the time, that I will discover a new holiday tradition for my family and friends to enjoy.

At Frisch’s we ate a sampling of their holiday dinner menu items; Carved Turkey, Country Fried Chicken, Roast Beef, Country Fried Steak, and Meatloaf. Served with Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Rich Gravy, and Farm Fresh Green Beans. Served up family style, since we had a bunch of my blogger friends from the area attending as well. It’s hard to choose a favorite since I liked them all. All dinners are available for $7.99.

Check out how delicious these dinners look in the picture below.

Discover A New Holiday Tradition


A New Holiday Tradition

For dessert, we were introduced to the new Peppermint Hot Fudge Cake. Frisch’s classic dessert, the Hot Fudge Cake, has received a holiday twist. If you love the original hot fudge cake, then you will definitely be in love with the peppermint hot fudge cake. Put it this way; I am not a fan of peppermint and I loved the Peppermint Hot Fudge Cake. The ice cream is the perfect sweetness. The peppermint chips sprinkled atop the whipped cream with cherry, is not overpowering as some peppermints can be. It is the perfect combination of ice cream layered between warm chocolate cake, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry sprinkled with candy cane bits, for the just a hint of peppermint crunch in every bite. Chef Greg did a great job putting a holiday twist on the classic hot fudge cake.

Discover a New Holiday Tradition

The Peppermint Hot Fudge Cake is available for a limited time (until Feb. 7). This is the first time since the original dessert debuted in 1970, that it has been offered in another flavor. Don’t worry all you original Hot Fudge Cake fans out there, it’s still available in restaurants. Both the original and the limited edition peppermint hot fudge cake are $3.29.

Discover a New Holiday Tradition at Frisch's

The Nutcracker

When dinner was over, we were off to see a performance of The Nutcracker, performed by the Cincinnati Ballet, at the Aronoff Center. From the very first performance of The Nutcracker in 1974, Frisch’s has been proud to be the Ballet’s primary sponsor. Wow! That is a long time for a corporation to sponsor an event. In fact, it is one of the longest-lasting examples of corporate sponsorship in American Arts history. Frisch’s Big Boy presents The Nutcracker runs Dec. 9-18, at the Aronoff Center.

Discover a New Holiday Tradition at Frisch's

Before the show, we were able to meet with some of the ballerinas and the Nutcracker. At showtime, I quickly found my seat and settled in to watch the performance. We were surprised at the end of the show with autographs from the dancers. I really enjoyed the performance and had a wonderful evening out on the town courtesy of Frisch’s Big Boy. Another bonus of the evening, when we were leaving the ushers gave us a coupon for a free peppermint hot fudge cake at Frisch’s. Woo Hoo!! More Peppermint Hot Fudge Cake, YUMM!

Hurry!! Get to Frisch’s before Feb. 7, to try the new peppermint hot fudge cake before it is gone for good.

Click the link, to find a Frisch’s location near you. Follow Frisch’s on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Will you discover a new holiday tradition at Frisch’s with the peppermint hot fudge cake? Seeing a performance of The Nutcracker in your area? Both? Tell me below in the comments.

This is created in partnership with Frisch’s Big Boy. All Opinions expressed are completely my own.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy

Get the

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

at Best Buy

I recently had the opportunity to visit BlogHer 2016 and stopped in the Best Buy booth for the Best Buy Experience. It was an enjoyable experience. I got to check out all the new gadgets and appliances that Best Buy has to offer. I was in technology heaven with all of the new innovations. My favorite was getting to check out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy before it lands in stores.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a gift card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or free.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy is one of the best phones to hit the market. I love the features of this phone. With the Note 7, you no longer have to worry if your phone gets wet. The Note 7 is Waterproof. It can get wet up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes. You no longer have to use the rice in a bag method to hopefully dry out your phone, because it is waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy

As a busy mom and a blogger, I can use the S Pen to jot down an idea, to-do lists, appointments, draw, edit, create a GIF and so much more. It can sync with your calendar and other apps, to keep you organized.

I really liked that I know my phone is secure, and my documents, banking information and contacts are protected with the new Iris Scanner. How cool is that? Using your eye to unlock your phone instead of fingerprints, passwords or draw patterns, which you can still use to unlock your phone if you choose to. Since it is protected with the Iris Scanner, I feel more secure turning my phone into a mobile wallet. Store your credit, debit, membership and loyalty cards on your phone and pay almost anywhere you’d swipe or tap your card. Which really comes in handy when you’re in a rush.

Take great pictures and videos like a pro with a fast auto focus and a lens that lets in more light than ever before. The camera takes sharp photos and videos while on the move and in the dark. The battery is the longest-lasting battery to date and will keep you powered when your schedule is hectic and packed. The fast wireless charger will have you ready to go in no time at all.

Free Gear Fit2 or 256GB Memory Card with Purchase and Activation

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy

When you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy, you can get a Free Gear Fit2 or 256GB memory card with purchase and activation. That is a great value.The bundle is worth $249.99, which is an awesome deal. You can take as many pictures and videos and never have to delete a memory again with a 256GB memory card.

 Best Buy Mobile Plan & Compare Tool

Did you know that about 50% of people overpay on their cell phone bill? That number is just way too high. Best Buy wants to help you find the lowest price with the Mobile Plan & Compare tool. The mobile plan and compare tool is a very simple process. Have a Best Buy employee use the tool to compare your mobile plan to others to see if you are overpaying. Give them a bit of information about your account and they will tell you which plan is right for you and how much you are overpaying. This service is available at all Best Buy stores. Stop in today to see how Best Buy can help.

I am so glad that my plan is ready for an upgrade within the month, and I will definitely be purchasing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy. The Note 7 will help keep me organized while on the go and so much more. I have always been a Samsung Galaxy fan. I will pass on my Galaxy S5 to my son when I purchase the Note 7.

What are your favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a gift card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or free.


Frisch's Western Primetime Sandwiches

Frisch’s Gets New Look & Western Primetime Sandwiches

This is created in partnership with Frisch’s Big Boy. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Eating a meal at a Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants has been a family tradition since I was a small child. My grandparents ate there, my parents and now I take my family to Frisch’s for good food at an affordable price.  I recently had the opportunity to visit the newly remodeled Covington, KY location to taste the new Frisch’s Western Primetime Sandwiches.

Frisch's Western Primetime Sandwiches

Frisch’s New Look

A Big Change happening is when you walk in the front door your hostess greets you with “Welcome to MY Frisch’s” because it is “Our” Frisch’s. The one where we have eaten many meals and made memories at. I love and completely agree with Frisch’s motto, which is displayed at the entrance, “At Frisch’s Good Fun Happens Over Great Food Served by Friendly Faces”.

Big Boy gets a new 21st-century make-over. Big Boy will no longer be holding their signature sandwich on advertising, he will be shown from the chest up. The iconic, Big Boy holding their signature sandwich is up front and center by the door for everyone to take a selfie with. I tried to find an old photo of my family with Frisch’s Big Boy but was unable to locate it.

The entry really stands out in this bright red and gray accent and the Big Boy statue is prominently featured under the Frisch’s Big Boy sign. The colors continue inside with a light gray on the walls. The colorful gray and red booths with Edison lights above create the perfect setting. The Kids even have their own section featuring a Coloring Center, where kids and parents can color a picture and hang it on the clips inside the center and have their artwork as a feature in the restaurant. You can’t forget about your roots. Frisch’s has a memories wall of favorites over the years. Like pumpkin pie and their signature Big Boy sandwich, to comics, and old designs. Check out some of the changes in the picture below.

Frisch's Western Primetime Sandwiches

Frisch’s Western Primetime Sandwiches

One of the best changes that Frisch’s made is the new menu featuring three New Primetime Sandwiches. This is your Exclusive first look at Frisch’s Western Primetime Sandwiches!

Frisch's Western Primetime Sandwiches

Frisch’s Western Primetime Trio

The Western Primetime Sandwiches include the Cheeseburger, Grilled Chicken, and Crispy Chicken. They all feature REAL premium cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, three hand-breaded onion rings, and Frisch’s new tangy Double B Low n Slow barbecue sauce, made with no high-fructose syrup, on a brioche bun.

Chef Greg Grisanti, director of research and development (Head-Chef) for Frisch’s said “I am thrilled with how our new barbecue sauce has come together; it has just the right level of spice balanced by sweetness from our blend of real honey and brown sugar that our customers are sure to enjoy. Not only do they taste great, they are made with fresh ingredients made every day in our commissary.”


Frisch's Western Primetime Sandwiches

Burger- A one-third pound premium ground beef, REAL-melted cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, three onion rings, and Double B low & slow barbecue sauce, on a brioche bun.


Frisch's Western Primetime Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken- A lightly seasoned chicken breast, REAL cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, three hand-breaded onion rings, and Double B Low n Slow barbecue sauce, on a brioche bun.

Frisch's Western Primetime Sandwiches

Crispy Chicken- A hand-breaded chicken breast seasoned in their new marinade, REAL cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, three hand-breaded onion rings, Double B Low n Slow barbecue sauce, on a brioche bun.

All of the Frisch’s Western Primetime Sandwiches were great when I sampled them. It was hard to pick a favorite but I am a burger and bacon kind of gal. The Crispy Chicken was just the right amount of crunchy. The grilled chicken was juicy, so you see it is hard to choose a favorite. I will just have to order them again to decide. I will be taking my family to Frisch’s this weekend so we all can experience Frisch’s Western Primetime Sandwiches.

In addition to their new western primetime sandwiches, Chef Grissanti created a signature Summertime Citrus Salad for the salad bar. Baby Spinach leaves, Crumbled Feta Cheese, sliced Red Onions, Mandarin Oranges, sliced Roasted Almonds, topped with a Raspberry Vinaigrette. Look for the Frisch’s F on the serving utensil to indicate which items are in the signature Summertime Citrus Salad

The Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Western Primetime Sandwiches are available at all locations. Don’t worry The Classic, The Mushroom Swiss, and BLT Primetime Burgers are still on the menu.

If you would like to learn more about Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants, check out the new menu, or find the nearest location,

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Which Sandwich will you try first?

Will it be the Western Primetime Burger? The grilled chicken? Or the crispy chicken sandwich?

Show me and Frisch’s the New Western Primetime Sandwich you try using the hashtag #PrimetimeBBQ with your picture to follow all of the postings on social media.

Thank you to Frisch’s Big Boy for inviting me to experience the new Frisch’s design and menu.

This is created in partnership with Frisch’s Big Boy. All opinions expressed are completely my own.
Tessemae's All-Natural

TESSEMAE’S All-Natural Dressing & Marinade Review

Most moms, like me, want to feed their family a healthy and delicious meal, but sometimes that is hard to do. I wanted to find a healthier alternative to the regular name brand dressing, marinades, and condiments that we find in the grocery store. My family loves their condiments and dressings. I just wanted to serve them a healthier version. That’s where Tessemae’s All-Natural comes in.

This review is sponsored in partnership with  Tessemae’s & Bloggin Mamas. All opinions expressed are unbiased and completely my own.

Tessemae’s All-Natural Dressing and Marinades are perfect for eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Their mission is to provide simple and delicious food made with real ingredients and no preservatives. Tessemae’s began with a simple recipe created by Tesse, the founders’ mom, and used throughout their childhood. Serving her family a dressing full of artificial ingredients just was not an option. Most moms agree that we don’t want to feed our family food with artificial ingredients. Real food and ingredients matter.

Tessemae’s All Natural Dressing and Marinade

Tessemae's All-Natural


The name Tessemae’s All-Natural says it all. The dressings and marinades are USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and Whole30 approved. There is no added sugar or xantham gum ever. Some flavors are dairy-free, paleo, and kosher. They make many varieties of salad dressing, marinades, and condiments with real ingredients. Which as a mom is great. I know what I am feeding my family. It’s nice when you read and can pronounce the ingredients on a label.

Tessemae’s four flavors of dressing and marinade reviewed are Honey Balsamic, Green Goddess, Lemon Garlic, and Balsamic.

Singapore Maths App by Kids Academy is the Best Math App for Kids

Singapore Maths App
Kids Academy Releases #1 Math Games: Singapore Maths App for Android and Updates iOS Version of Math Games App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten. Kids Academy is a well-known mobile app developer working in the sphere of children’s early education. The team combines all the expertise, creativity, and remarkable skills to develop a wide range of best educational games and fun worksheets for kids.
The great news is that the team just released the long-awaited update #1 Math Games: Singapore Maths App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten – iOS version of the app.
itunes kidsThis best math app for kids in preschool and kindergarten offers a great variety of fun, educational games for kids. Children will get a fantastic chance to:

• train their brains
• enhance their attention and concentration
• improve their cognitive skills
• learn to follow instructions

While playing the fun math games, little mathematicians will grasp their numbers, addition and subtraction facts in a fun and enjoyable way. Kids will trace numbers, master their geometric shapes, practice skip counting and acquire other useful skills too. The cool math games by Kids Academy are based on the famous Singapore Math method. They help children visualize math problems and solve them in a simple way.
You can find a number of best educational apps for children by Kids Academy featured in the Family section of the Android store in the USA, Australia, and Canada. This featuring is a reliable indicator of high quality and value of the fun, educational games created by this team.
android google play

Get all of the Kids Academy favorites on Android!


We have more terrific news from Kids Academy. Available NOW is the long-awaited Android version of their cool #1 Math Games: Singapore Maths App. Here is a snippet of my review on google play.

Great Learning Experience: My son loves playing this app. It is very easy to understand & you can tailor it to your child’s age. I like how it has no Ads and keeps the child engaged in fun activities & videos. The narrator encourages your child as they move along the game. Tons of printable worksheets to continue learning while offline and reinforce what they just learned.

This app has it all! It boasts hundreds of new cool math games, videos, and interactive surprises. Your kid is sure to love the new innovative system of motivation and rewards, lively music, colorful graphics and amusing animation. Parents will be happy too – while kids play the new fun math games, they will not need any assistance from a grown-up.
itunes app store
Apple users can download the new Version 3.0.0 of the best educational app from Kids Academy now. Android users can download here after the release in mid-May!
But that’s not all. You can also try out the impressive collection of free printable worksheets and educational games on Kids Academy website. View a great variety of pre-school and kindergarten worksheets by topic and choose the perfect printables for your little learners. Download and print out the fun worksheets and give your kid a wonderful head start on math, writing, reading and other useful skills.

Click here to check out the Free cute worksheets for learning kids.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with MomBuzzMedia and Kids Academy. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Evite helps bring families together

I was compensated by Evite™ for my time in developing this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Evite Helps Bring Families Together

Evite™ helps bring families together for Easter. Every year my family gets together for an Easter dinner and Easter Egg Hunt. I wanted to change things up this year and have the dinner and egg hunt at my house instead of my parents house. With the help of Evite, I was able to reach every family member near and far and invite them to the Smith Family Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt, by sending them an Evite Easter Card.

I was really inspired by the pastel colors (pink, greens, and blues), the cute bunnies and colorful easter eggs on my Evite invitation , that I carried the Easter Egg Hunt theme into the decor of my home. Baskets of decorated eggs filled with prizes are awaiting to be hidden on Sunday morning. The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs are the decorations that adorn my home for this years easter celebration. I purchased napkins with bunnies and colorful, decorated eggs to add a little flair to my table setting.

We will celebrate Easter with an egg hunt and a nice dinner, along with my family. I hope this is a start of a new tradition of celebrating Easter at my home and the gigantic easter egg hunt that we have planned. Who knows next year I may expand the egg hunt to include my small town community. That would be an easy event to handle using the Evite services.

Evite Helps Bring Families Together

Evite Helps Bring Families Together

Evite Helps Bring Families Together with an Evite Easter Invitation. This is a sample similar to what I created. Details are changed.

Join The Smith Family

Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt.

This is the actual invitation that I sent to my family below

Evite helps bring families together

The details inside of the invitation to my family.

Evite helps bring families together


Evite™ believes Life’s Better Together. Evite helps bring families together. You can go to their website and find a variety of Easter Cards to send an invitation for your next party. They have more than Easter cards to choose from. Any kind of card you can think of they have. You can even design your own using a template or creating an original invitation by uploading a picture and customizing the designs. Evite offers free and premium cards to choose from to customize for any gathering you may have. Keeping track of your event is easy too. See how many have Rsvp’d, or said no.

To learn more about Evite  and their customizable cards go to their website or follow them on social media.

Thank you to Evite for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are 100% unbiased and completely my own.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

Posted by Stacey Smith | REVIEWS

This is a review where product or/and payment were exchanged for my review. All opinions expressed are unbiased and my own. Some links may be affiliate links.

Fine Line Living

Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

Scents have a way of affecting our mood and ailments that may afflict our body. The benefits of Aromatherapy essential oils can offer a safe, all-natural and effective way to care for your family’s health. Add a few of your favorite essential oil drops to an aromatherapy diffuser today to start experiencing a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

All of these aromatherapy diffuser necklaces are locket style. They are made of premium hypoallergenic 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel for a long life and  great durability. 3 micro weave felt pads are included inside every locket. The pads are washable with soap and water. which is nice to have reusable pads so you can change-up your scents depending on your mood.

Aroma Wear™ is the future of aromatherapy diffusers. Aroma Wear™ allows you to have portable aromatherapy. The power to have your favorite essential oils benefit you with on the go aromatherapy is a game changer.

Flower Necklace Aromatherapy Diffuser

Flower Aromatherapy diffuserThe Flower necklace has a pretty floral design and locket that is easy to use and wear. To open the locket, use your finger nail to gently lift the lid of the locket. You will find the aroma pads inside, where you can add any essential oils scent you would like to the pad. I suggest adding 2-3 drops of oil depending on how strong of a scent you want, but you may want to experiment with the amount of drops needed depending on your personal preferences.



The Heart Necklace

Heart aromatherapy diffuser

This heart necklace is very stylish and can complement any outfit. It is very versatile and can be worn by a woman or child. Add a few drops of oil to the washable felt pad inside to have the benefits of aromatherapy while on the go.



Eye of Knowledge Necklace

Eye of knowledge aromatherapy difusserThis aromatherapy diffuser necklace is very versatile. It can be worn by a man or a woman. It is made with hypoallergenic 316L surgical grade stainless steel and has a black twisted leather cord and a stainless steel closure. Add a few drops off your favorite oil to the felt pads and enjoy hours of soothing scents

The Aromasoft Diffuser

Aromasoft aromatherapy diffuserThis diffuser is very easy to use. Twist off the lid, add some water from the measuring cup provided, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water, replace the lid and turn it on. This powerful 24V aromatherapy diffuser is like no other. The Fine Mist setting gives you the option of a mist at an interval of 30seconds on 30seconds off, or you can push the button twice and have a continuous mist. Press the light button once and it will cycle through all 7 colors (white, yellow, light blue, dark blue, red, purple, and green) available. Press the button twice to have only one color constantly on. You can cycle through the colors to choose the exact color you want depending on your mood. or decor. An auto shut-off feature allows you to set it and forget it.

What I really like about all of the above aromatherapy diffusers is that I can buy with confidence, knowing that Fine Line Living has you covered with a No Questions Asked, LIFETIME Guarantee. The necklaces are very stylish and the felt pads are washable.

Now you can bring aromatherapy into your daily life. I’m glad to be able to offer a 20% off discount from Fine Line Living. Just use the discount codes below to save on a new diffuser.

Flower Necklace MARCH316
Heart Necklace MARCH216
Eye of Knowledge MARCH116
Aromasoft Diffuser MARCH416

If you would like to learn more about Fine Line Living products, you can check out their social media pages. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Stay Tuned For A GIVEAWAY to win an aromatherapy diffuser of your own from Fine Line Living. Details to come so stay tuned for another post about the giveaway.

This is a review where product or/and payment were exchanged for my review. All opinions expressed are unbiased and my own. Some links may be affiliate links.

This is sponsored on behalf of CurrentC and BlogMeetsBrand. Even though I was compensated for this it does not sway my opinion. All opinions expressed are unbiased and completely my own.

CurrentC Saves You Time and Money


Using CurrentC saves you time and money this holiday. Christmas Season is definitely a busy time for all of us, as we decorate the house and purchase gifts for our families and friends. Saving time and money this holiday is a big priority for most of us.. For me I want to get in the store, get what I need, and get out, saving as much money as I can in the process. CurrentC can help you do that. You can quickly pay and be on your way.

Sears is a great place to get gifts for everyone on your list. You can pick up some new tools for your dad or husband, a new sweater for  mom, and a few items for the kids. Or maybe you need new appliances or just a centerpiece for the table. I picked up a few new ornaments to add to a basket for a decorative centerpiece on the table. You can use CurrentC at the checkout to quickly pay and be on your way just like I did.

Christmas Centerpiece

Using CurrentC to pay at the register is very simple to do. All you do is:


  • Open the CurrentC app
  • Select Checkout
  • Select Shop
  • Scan the Paycode
  • You are done.

It is so nice to get what you need and quickly be on your way.




Saving money is simple with the CurrentC app. You can add your store loyalty cards and when you check out your savings are automatically deducted from your total. Coupons for various stores are also included. Simply clip the ones you want to use and when your checking out, the savings is automatically deducted as well.

CurrentC LoyaltyCurrentC Offers


One of the best parts of using CurrentC is at the gas station. At an Exxon/Mobile gas station, you open the app and select “Pump”. Verify your location and your pump number to authorize the pump to begin fueling, all before you get out of your vehicle to pump the gas. This is an added benefit of security, as some of the card readers at the gas pump have been corrupted by scammers (we have seen it on the news). You never have to run a card through the reader, it’s all done in the app. Pump your gas and be on your way. This is great to use when you want to stay in your warm car as long as possible on those cold Ohio winter days. Just get out of the car to pump the gas.

CurrentC can be used at many stores, restaurants, and gas stations around the Columbus, Ohio area. The app will soon be available nationwide. So stay tuned for when it becomes available nationwide. Until then enjoy CurrentC at the following stores in Columbus. New Stores are added often.

Use CurrentC at the following stores, restaurants, and gas stations:

Walmart  CurrentC stores




Giant Eagle



Exxon/Mobile Gas Stations

Shell Gas Stations





CurrentC has revolutionized the way consumers are shopping. Using CurrentC saves you time and money by centralizing your loyalty cards and payment accounts, and automatically applying coupons and loyalty rewards at checkout. With a simple scan, your items are purchased and you are on your way. Don’t forget to check back and see if the app has added your neighborhood when it goes nationwide.

You can find CurrentC in iTunes or Google Play. Download the app today and start saving. To learn more about CurrentC check out this post I wrote here.

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