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Lets Discuss PMS and Boob Discomfort

plus a Twitter Party

Lets Discuss PMS and boob discomfort, plus a Twitter Party.
As women, we deal with many symptoms of our menstrual cycle every month. Uncomfortable PMS and boob pain are apart of that. Breast discomfort and pain is a real problem for many woman during PMS and menstrual cycle. Everyone’s level of discomfort is different, but the symptoms are commonly similar. I know I’m not alone, this happens to most women. My boobs are very tender and they swell so much. To the point that I don’t want to wear my favorite bra or any bra for that fact. Your forced to wear an old standby and hope by the end of the day your boobs don’t hurt worse.
I remember when my children were little and would run full force to hug me. I would bend down to pick them up and with their little arms flying and smack so hard into my aching, tender breasts. I was happy to get a hug from my child, but was in pain because my boobs were so tender. #HugsShouldntHurt ever, not from your child, your spouse, or anyone.
Violet Iodine

  Say Goodbye to boob pain! Soon I will be able to alleviate my symptoms. I am excited to try Violet iodine and how it can help feel better during that unfortunate time of the month. Violet iodine is a non-prescription, non-hormone, once daily pill that helps reduce the symptoms of breast discomfort associated with our menstrual cycle, including swelling, tenderness, heaviness, and aches. It also promotes overall breast health. With Violet iodine I’m on my way to a new normal – a life without boob discomfort and pain.
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Join the @TheBloggerBabes and @VioletDailyPill on Tuesday, July 14th for a special #HugsShouldntHurt Twitter Party from 8 to 9 p.m. ET. Get all the details here.

 Stay tuned to see how my trial with Violet iodine goes. I will post an update in about a month.
Thank you Violet iodine and Blogger Babes for this wonderful opportunity. Let me know what you think by tagging #HugsShouldntHurt on Facebook and Twitter.

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