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Since 2009 Green is Universal and the Arbor Day Foundation have teamed up for a social media campaign that spreads the word about how you can help plant a tree during the holidays. I am happy to help bring awareness to this years campaign.

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How YOU Can Help Plant a Tree and

#GIFtATree this Holiday Season

Whether you live in the city or out in the country everyone can appreciate the beauty of a tree. We love to watch them bloom in the spring, shade us in the summer, watch the leaves change beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange in the fall and watch them stand tall and dormant in the winter waiting to start the process over again. How you can help plant a tree and #GIFtATree to the environment.


Trees help us in so many ways,

Why not help plant more?

Your probably thinking how does a tree help me?
 What do I have to do to “HELP” Plant a Tree?

6 Ways that Trees Help Us and the Environment

  • Trees help clean our air Global Forests removed about one-third of fossil fuel emissions annually from 1990 to 2007. Trees remove pollution in the air contributing to better air quality and improved health.
  • Trees provide us with oxygen One large tree provides a days supply of oxygen for up to four people. The Amazon Rainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen.
  • Trees help reduce the effect of Climate change They absorb carbon dioxide (CO²), They absorb and remove the carbon, and release oxygen back into the air.
  • Trees help us save energy  Planting trees around your home for shade or as a wind break can save you money. They can reduce a homes heating and cooling cost by 20-50%.
  • Trees provide shade which lowers the air and surface temperature. Making it more tolerable on those hot humid days. They are nice to sit under to avoid the summer sun.
  • Trees benefit the wildlife by giving them homes and space to roam in forests.

They give us places to hike, camp, hunt, and discover the woods and forests. Personally, a walk in the woods is a form of meditation for me. Watching the wildlife in their natural habitat, surrounded by trees, is enjoyable.


GIFt A Tree




Go to Green is Universal to create and share a holiday GIF, or use #GIFtATree in your social media posts. For every GIF shared and #GIFtATree generated before the end of December, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant one real tree, up to 25,000, in a state park or national forest, funded by a donation from NBCUniversal.


Giving Back This Holiday Season Has Never Been Easier.

Help the Arbor Day Foundation plant a tree for free. Lets plant a forest one tree at a time. I have planted over 100 trees by sharing #GIFtATree and GIF’s on social media like the one below.



If you don’t want to create a GIF, then please share #GIFtATree on social media to plant a tree. I’ve made it easy for you Click to tweet the message below.

Will YOU Plant One Tree or Many This Season?

Every GIF or #GIFtATree shared on social media until 12/31 plants a real tree.

I have planted over 100 Trees and still counting by sharing GIF’s and #GIFtATree!!

How many trees you will plant by sharing #GIFtATree?

Tell me below in the comments!!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored campaign for the Green is Universal and the Arbor Day Foundation social media campaign that spreads the word about how you can help plant a tree during the holidays. I am happy to help bring awareness to this years #GIFtATree campaign. All opinions are my own.


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