Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself to Save Money
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Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself to Save Money

Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself to Save Money

As a Roto-Rooter Brand Ambassador, I will be sharing various ways you can do-it-yourself to fix common plumbing issues that arise around the house without calling a professional. There are many plumbing fixes you can do yourself to save money. Stay tuned as I share tips throughout the year.

This is brought to you in partnership with Roto-Rooter as a Brand Ambassador. All opinions expressed are unbiased and completely my own.

This is my 2nd post in a series of do-it-yourself plumbing problems that may arise. There are many plumbing fixes you can do yourself to save money. First off I am a pretty handy person, and I always try to fix any plumbing issues by myself without calling an expensive professional to fix it.

Plumbing issues arise around the house from time to time. That doesn’t mean you can’t handle it yourself. Especially if it’s plumbing fixes you can do yourself to save money.

Clear a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains happen. If you have a clogged drain, try unclogging it yourself. Try sticking a wire down the drain to clear the blockage (an untwisted wire clothes hanger works great). Most of the time the wire will pull up hair and scum buildup, allowing you to clear the drain. Sometimes you need more than a wire to clear the blockage. Use a plunger (a small kitchen plunger works great on sink and shower drains) to plunge the blockage away. When you have tried unsuccessfully to unclog your drain using the other methods, try a clog remover like Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover.


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It is a lot cheaper to purchase Roto-Rooter Gel clog remover than to call a professional to clear out your drains. It starts working immediately to clear blocked drains fast.

Clean or Replace Your Faucet Aerator

Clean or replace your faucet aerator to keep your water running smoothly and your faucet properly maintained. Carefully unscrew the faucet extension that has your aerator in inside. Clean the screens inside with soap and water and a steel wool pad, or you can soak it in calcium, lime, and rust remover to restore it to an almost brand new state. Once you have soaked or cleaned your aerator, run it through water to clear any residue from the cleaner. If the aerator is in need of replacing, they are a cheap fix. You can find a replacement aerator at your local hardware or home improvement store. Take your new or clean aerator and reattach it to your faucet. Your water should flow nicely now.

How to Fix a Running Toilet

How to fix a running toilet is a simple fix to keep your toilet in good working condition and stop it from running all of the time.

  • Remove the toilet tank lid and check the fill tube (a small flexible tube that runs from the fill valve to the overflow tube). This tube squirts enough water down the overflow tube to refill the bowl after a flush. Make sure that the tube is in the overflow tube and doesn’t show any signs of wear. If this tube is broken or worn out, it is time to replace it. If everything is fine with the fill tube then will go to the second step to further investigate the problem.
  • Adjust the fill height. The water in the tank is controlled by an adjustable float. If it’s set to low, you get a weak flush; If it’s set to high, water spills into the overflow tube causing the fill valve to not shut off. Move the floatation ball up or down according to what your water levels are. Some (older toilets) are connected with a metal rod that you may need to bend in order to correct the situation. Others (newer toilets), you may have to turn a screw or slide a clip along a rod to adjust the floatation ball. Flush the toilet after each adjustment. Occasionally the fill valve simply won’t shut off. That means it’s defective and its time to replace
  • Adjust the flush handle/flapper chain. Adjust the linkage on the chain or flush rod on the handle to allow the flapper to open fully and close properly with each flush. A short or tangled chain won’t allow the flapper to fully close. If it’s too long or the flush rod hits the tank lid, It won’t open the flapper wide enough for a full flush.Adjust the chain to where you have a slightest little bit of slack in your chain. Your toilet from running all of the time.
  • Replace the Flapper. If the above steps have not fixed the problem, then you may have a worn flapper. Turn the water off at the toilet shut off valve, remove the flapper and take it with you to your local hardware store or home improvement store to find an exact replacement.

Septic Maintenance to Prevent Costly Septic Repairs

A very easy way to prevent a costly septic repair or backup is to use a monthly septic treatment. It is such an easy thing to do too. Use Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment once a month to prevent your septic from backing up. Roto-Rooter natural enzyme formula uses two times more enzymes than the national leading brand to eliminate more paper, oils, fats, grease, starch, and proteins. It helps eliminate unpleasant odors and damages in leach fields.

Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself to Save Money

Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment is the easiest preventative maintenance to complete. Simply measure out a monthly dose in the four monthly dose bottle. Pour the 8-ounce dose into the toilet and flush. You are done. Wasn’t that very easy and a simple way to prevent costly repairs.

I hope these plumbing fixes you can do yourself to save money help you the next time you encounter a plumbing problem.

Have you tried any of these plumbing fixes you can do yourself to save money?
Tell me about your do-it-yourself plumbing experiences in the comments below.
This is brought to you in partnership with Roto-Rooter as a Brand Ambassador. All opinions expressed are unbiased and completely my own.

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  3. When you tackle a plumbing problem yourself, there is no guarantee behind that work. If the problem occurs again, you have to do the same work again and may even need to buy new supplies to do it. A professional plumber will guarantee the work he or she does.
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    1. A skilled plumber is equipped with all the required tools and can do the job quickly, without causing more damage in the process.

  4. Hiring a professional plumber also makes great sense because a lot of the more reputable companies will actually offer you a safety guarantee during any type of repairs within your home.
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