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8 Pet Party Ideas &

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Pet Party

Pets come in many varieties and species. Whether you have a pet, or you just adore them, our furry friend’s like to play and have fun. Pets are apart of our family. They love us as much as we love them. They play with us, comfort us, and snuggle with us. Throw a pet party to show your pet how much you care.  Invite all their pet friends (and pet parents) over for a dog-tastic fun time.

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8 Pet Party Ideas

Unleash the Party Animals.There are many types of parties you can throw your pet.  Here are 8 Pet party ideas you can choose to throw for your pet. A birthday party, a spa day party, dog park party, a pool party, an obedience school graduation party, an adoption party, dress up party, and any occasion party.

Treat your four-legged friend to something extra-special by using one of Evite‘s invitations to help you with your pet party planning. They will keep track of RSVP’s, manage your guest lists, share photos during the event. It is easy to send all your contacts an invitation with or without an email, just share a link to your invitation in a text or on social media.

Pet Birthday Party

Our pets have a birthday just like we do. Whether it’s your pet’s 1st birthday or their 10th birthday, celebrate with a birthday party. Throw your pet a birthday party using Evite. They have the cutest invitations for you to send to your guests for your pets birthday party.

Pet Party

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Pet Party Pet Party

Pet Party


Pet Spa Day

Our pets need a bath and their nails trimmed on a regular basis. So why not treat your pet and their friends to a spa day. Treat your pet and friends to a bath and a nail trimming with or without polish. Your pet will be beautiful before the day is over. They will thank you with lots of kisses for a day of pampering. Send your pet’s buddies a Spay Day Evite.

Pet Party

Dog Park Party

Pets like to have fun too. Whether it is playing with you or with other dogs, they want to have fun. They don’t realize that running around the dog park exploring is great exercise that all pets need. So host a party for your pet at the local dog park or in your backyard.

Pet Party

Pet Party

Pet Pool Party

It is the dog days of summer, and our pets want to cool off just as much as we do. Get your pets friends together for a pool party. Evite has the perfect pool party invitation for your pet to make a big splash.

Pet PartyPet Party

Obedience School Graduation Party

Congrats! Your pet just finished obedience school. It is time to celebrate your pet’s accomplishment with a party. Invite your friends and their pets over to celebrate with this invitation from Evite.

Pet Party

Pet Adoption Party

Every pet needs a fellow pet companion or If you do not own a pet, consider adopting one from your local shelter. Then you can throw an Adoption Party. When you adopt a pet, you want everyone to get to know your cute and lovable furball. So invite your friends and family over to meet the new addition to your family.

Pet Party


Pet Party

Dress Up Party

Pets dressed up in a costume is an adorable sight. Dress your pet up in a tuxedo or gown for an elegant evening. Host a costume party and see how your friends dress their pets.

Pet Party

Any Occasion

You do not need a reason to throw a party for your pet. Pets want to have fun just as much as we do. Invite your friends and their pets over for a get-together.

Pet Party Pet Party

Pet Party

No matter what type of party you choose to throw your pet, Evite has you covered. Pick out an adorable pet-themed invitation or greeting card and send it to your friends. Evite eases the stress of party planning by keeping track of your Rsvp’s, manage your guest list, send notes or photos before or during your event to your guest list. It is even easy to share your invitation with friends. If you don’t know their email, send them a link to your invitation or share it on social media.

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Photos courtesy of Evite

This is created in partnership with Evite®. All the opinions expressed are completely my own.

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