Hollywood Darlings

Interview with Hollywood DarLings on PopTv

Hollywood Darlings

Hollywood Darlings

Hollywood DarLings is PopTv’s newest original comedy series starring our favorite stars from the 90’s. Jodi Sweetin (“Full House,” “FullerHouse”), Christine Lakin (“Step By Step”), and Beverly Mitchell (“7th Heaven”). The premiere is Wednesday, April 12, 8 pm ET/PT. 

Hollywood Darlings turns the camera on real-life friends, who are bonded by a sisterhood that only they can share, as former child stars who grew up in the 90’s limelight. In this improvised comedy, the three ladies play exaggerated versions of themselves in their current Hollywood lives. With the support of one another, This girl squad can take on anything when it comes to parenting, friendship, marriage, careers, and life in LA.

We will also see cameos from Soleil Moon Frye, Andrea Barber, Lance Bass, Patrick Duffy and a few more of our favorite 90’s stars.

Hollywood Darlings

Coverage of the POP TV series HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS
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We recently sat down to interview the cast of HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS on PopTv. Jodi Sweetin, Christine Lakin, and Beverly Mitchell. We talk motherhood, their careers and of course the show, Hollywood Darlings. I really enjoyed this interview.



What did you exaggerate about yourselves to make the show funnier?

Jodie: I am more cynical and dark on the show than in real life. I’m pretty positive on things and motherhood but needed some sort of contrast between the other characters

Beverly: I am a Type-A personality, a super organized and frugal mom, who is prepared for EVERYTHING. But don’t think I’m that uptight, I do know how to relax.

Christine: I am the lovable fool and hippy dippy of the group. I’m the free spirit who goes out on a limb to make these two crazy in their own respective ways.


Will your children be on the show at all or is it just about the three of you?

Beverly– The Show centers around Hollywood Darlings. Who Christine, Jodie and I, Yes we are mothers, but we are also business women and friends. It’s more of us as adults.

Jodie– The content of the show is not really appropriate for children. There is cursing and inappropriate jokes, so we wanted to separate our children from that sort of stuff.

Christine– My daughter appears for a brief time in an episode only because I am breastfeeding, but otherwise, no our children are not in the show.


Who is your core demographic that you are trying to reach the 90’s fans? or the new generation of moms?

Beverly– I think both. The show is about friendship. Everyone is going to find we’re incredibly relatable. You will be ale to connect with us and be like “Oh I’m like that”

Jodie– Yes, definitely we have this shared history together, but I’m still the cleaning lady, do laundry. At the end of the day, you will see that we are just like you.


What do you say to Moms trying to have a good work/life balance?

Beverly– the idea of perfect balance with your work and your life and your motherhood and all of that, I think there is no perfect balance. You will be focused on one or the other and always feeling like you could be doing more. Stay present in what you are doing and don’t feel guilty when at times you can’t make it. I don’t think balance exist in parenthood.

Jodie and Christine- we agree to what Bev just said.

Christine– I try to find balance, keyword being “TRY” I won’t always do it perfectly and I can feel stressed but I am getting better about self-care and finding some time for myself.

I really enjoyed this interview with the Hollywood Darlings, Jodie Beverly, and Christine. It was like I was talking with my gal pals.

Don’t forget to tune into Hollywood Darlings on PopTv for the premiere Wednesday, April 12, 8 pm ET/PT.

**This is a show that the kiddos should not watch. There is cursing and inappropriate jokes.

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